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Celludye Imaging Colorants Taiwan branch is a ink formulation business segment which provide the service of ink technologies. These inks are custom designed for a wide range of uses, including textiles, packaging, industrial manufacturing and commercial printing.

Ink Technology Center    

The Ink Technology Center (ITC) is a state-of-the-art research facility with a team of chemists and engineers that is continuing to develop the next generation of proprietary inks for the ever-expanding applications that inkjet can fulfill. Building on a platform of colorant and polymer design capabilities, we have more than ten years of experience developing inks using cutting edge techniques and industry leading equipment. With these combined strengths, the team can address a wide variety of technical needs in a range of industries and markets. 

Innovation & Technology    

Alpha-Jet® aqueous inks are custom designed for inkjet printing. High throughput, single pass inkjet printing has created new performance challenges for the ink formulator. With over ten years of successful innovation and a deep technical understanding of formulation science as well as colorant and polymer chemistry, we are uniquely positioned to meet these challenges and enable aqueous inkjet to advance into these new applications.

Our highly skilled scientists work closely with leading aqueous printhead vendors to produce aqueous inks with excellent reliability during jetting and full printhead material compatibility. Also with products manufactured to exacting ink jet standards, you can be assured that performance in the lab is consistently translated to high purity manufactured product.

Collaboration with Partners   

Close cooperation with printhead suppliers and integrators ensures the inkjet systems supporting our inks are optimized to perform reliably in extreme conditions and continue to meet the requirements of any manufacturing process. This collaborative approach provides a total solution which enables quicker conversion to digital printing. With inks individually tuned to the wide range of commonly used piezo printheads, every formulation ensures high reliability in jetting and overall ease of use.